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If you are in your golden years, you’re likely living a fun, stress-free life with the ones you love most. Now that you live on your own and your children are grown you may need to dispose of some items in your home that cause clutter and a potentially unsafe environment. With the home downsizing app from KIV, you can easily declutter your home through a variety of methods.

Our Elderly Home Organizing App

KIV is proud to give senior citizens a feeling of independence in the way that they organize and downsize their homes. Our innovative app can handle any decluttering project for you. Do you need to label or organize many items? Once these items have their labels, are you sure about which ones you want to keep? Our app can help you in both of these situations.

If you organize your belongings and realize that you want to get rid of many items, our home downsizing app has a function that allows you to create a personalized digital yard sale. Through this feature, you can effortlessly share your for-sale items with those on your contact list.

Our App’s Other Features

Aside from organizing and downsizing, our app also offers other features that are useful to any senior citizen living on their own. You can find a comprehensive safety checklist on the app that allows you to create a low-risk living environment. And if you plan on starting a major project, such as a home renovation, our app is able to give you a detailed cost estimate for your project. This feature allows you to plan and stick to your project’s budget as closely as possible.

Although our app is full of great features, its design and user interface is easy to navigate and use, no matter who you are. To learn more about our app’s many features and services, contact us at 1-844-833-8KIV(548).

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Such a great downsizing app! It’s doing whatever you want it to do. I am impressed with the amount of thought and details that the developer has put into this application. There’s space for improvement. Remarkably, this is totally free access to create a project. Additionally, there is no limit to the items you can add to the list and categories in Digital Yard Selling, Digital Donation, Waste Removal, Moving, and Storage. Congrats to the KIV team

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Bruce – Scarborough
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