KIV Tour

Let’s walk through the KIV app
How KIV features work?

Company overview

Kept in View (KIV) app offers “self home downsizing” services, with access to smart Decluttering, realtors, storage, moving, home safety, and  Space planning. (Including a wide variety of checklists of the most trusted organizations in the home safety industry. In addition, it provides the customized platform to handle the decluttering project, room by room and item by item as for Donation, Relocation, Gift, Sale, Keep, Sentimental).

Create account

The most convenient method to reach the KIV app is to click START HERE on You’ll be taken to the main KIV app page.

Creating an account is quick and simple, and KIV may be used on any device. It is not necessary to download it from any app store. This is the genius of the KIV app.


You will be able to access the KIV main page or dashboard once you enter your username and password. Dashboard features will help you plan your projects of decluttering, ageing in place and downsizing.

The project is where you can begin a new home decluttering and safety project.

Additional features such as project estimator, invite, assistance, etc. In the KIV TOUR page, all will be explained.


You may invite and introduce KIV app to any number of your friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbours by visiting this page. You get 500 points for submitting an invitation.

You first should ask someone to create an account if you wish to add anyone to your project to help you.


Assistance is one of the KIV App’s greatest features. You may arrange a video meeting online for free with one of our senior moving/safety specialists.

Cost Estimators

KIV app has designed 3 project cost estimators which enable you to pre-empt unexpected money troubles from the potential expense. KIV app included more information in each line to assist you compare your present cost with prospective expenditures.


As soon as you establish a project, you’ll have access to the timeline on the “project home page.” Schedule your “TO DO” list, alter the time, and share specifics with anybody who can assist you with the job. Simple, easy, and well-organized.