Aging In Place: Senior Home Downsizing

Living in their old home or moving to the new home(downsizing), Seniors need safe living space.
Specially during and after the Covid pandemic “Aging in place” is a most popular words which professionals in senior care field. This is a great opportunity that for all the involve parties: seniors, their families, governments and professionals totally agree that the seniors should atay in their home as long as possible.
To reach to this goal all the parties should answer the following questions:
1. Is the senior able to live in his/her home:
The answer depends to the following factors
A. Physical and mental health
B. Home condition
C. Financial situation
D. The personal needs

A. Physical and mental health:
If their condition mandated personal support to take care of their daily ADL and IADL, what are the supporting sources available: family member, community support, private support providers. Also, what changes in the home are necessary to make it more suitable for them:

Definitely community nurse is a great source to reach. Those nurses will assist the seniors and create care plan that include: current condition, needed support and cares.
– First option: These group of seniors have chance to live in their home safely if they go through the home modification process as soon as possible to prevent any safety risks and be ready for any changes. Bathroom, stairs and kitchen are the three of the main areas should be review and modify. Also, home decluttering is one of the most important plans to keep them safe.
– Second option: Home downsizing is their second option. If:
– – the financial situation not allowing to do the right modifications.
– Their condition is not allowing to stay in their house and has access to all the necessary areas.
– They are not able to take care of the home and yard.
– They need to be closer to the healthcare setting, stores, community centers or their families.
What are their options:
A. Moving from their house to a smaller home or condo(apartment):
This kind of downsizing usually provide a
Great financial support.
Easier access to the community services
Safer and more secure living space
Less time for home managing and more time for enjoying the life

Home downsizing has a six main steps: Decluttering(manage the giveaways, garbage, relocating and keeping items), Dealing with realtors to sale/ rent the old home and find new home, storage, moving, considering home safety in the new home and Space planning.
In the current traditional way, the companies sent their team member with some checklists to the homes and their goal is to create an all around pleasant moving experience. More than 1000 companies in US work as senior moving management.
Downsizing in the general, Home safety (in the new home or in the current home) and decluttering are three main seniors’ concerns related to healthy living.

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