Digital decluttering

In Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, there are 90 million seniors (+55). In these nations, 2,130,200 households aged 55 and up downsized in 2019.

The interest in ‘declutter’ quest hit a record five years in January 2019 according to Google Trends. Furthermore, in January, it hits an annual peak probable as a result of New Year resolutions and detox during the holiday.

Decluttering search in Google (
Decluttering search in Google (

Let rid of something you do not use or care. The app will assist you in labelling and sorting items for keeping, discarding, or donating.

The Kept in View (KIV) app provides “self-home downsizing” services, including smart decluttering, realtors, storage, moving, home safety, and space planning. (This includes a full range of check lists from the most professional bodies in the home safety industry.) Furthermore, it offers a customized platform for managing the decluttering process, room by room and item by item (for example, Donation, Relocation, Gift, Sale, Keep, Sentimental).

Simply add your spaces, items, and determine what you want to do with it. Leave the rest to the KIV app.

It will categories everything and assist you in:

– Locating the nearest drop off or pick up donation center.

– Email the items for sale with all information to your contact list and accept their offer. We call it a “Digital Yard Sale.”

– Collect all junk and assist you in locating the nearest junk collection business or municipality.

– Make a list of everything you need to transfer to the storage room and use it to compare costs.

Self-Storage Construction Spending by Month 2013-present (Source: U.S. Census Bureau)
Self-Storage Construction Spending by Month 2013-present (Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

– Allow you to tell the past of the sentimental items and document what you want to do with them.

Do not forget that the app will encourage you to include your loved ones in the project and have them assist you on your journey.

They will be with you in this process, from anywhere they are in the world, either to observe it or to be a member of the decision-making team.