Senior friendly app

KIV was built in the PWA format and runs on all devices, including those that are not connected to the internet. It is also not necessary to download it from app stores.

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Digital downsizing

With the KIV app, you can take all the essential downsizing moves. Find out all about services such as moving, packing, storing, and home renovation.

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Digital decluttering

Dispose of anything you no longer need or enjoy. The app will help you label and organize items for keeping, tossing, or storing.

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Safety checklist

KIV helps seniors, and their families identify specific health, safety, and comfort needs in the home, including accessories, flooring, alarms, and lighting.

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Digital yard sale

Add all items for sale in the sale folder with the picture and SHARE with your contact list: friends, Neighbors, and Families.

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Project cost estimator

By using the KIV app, you will be able to calculate the full project costs including changes in the mortgage, moving cost, storage cost, and all other expenses.

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Such a great downsizing app! It’s doing whatever you want it to do. I am impressed with the amount of thought and details that the developer has put into this application. There’s space for improvement. Remarkably, this is totally free access to create a project. Additionally, there is no limit to the items you can add to the list and categories in Digital Yard Selling, Digital Donation, Waste Removal, Moving, and Storage. Congrats to the KIV team

Bruce's review from Scarborough
Bruce – Scarborough
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