Senior friendly-adding value to your business!

How adding home downsizing help your business?
Senior friendly-adding value to your business!
What is Downsizing:
Home downsizing refers to the sale of a large home to purchase a smaller home such as a condo, townhouse, or bungalow.
Some of the main reasons for downsizing include having more financial resources, spending less time and energy managing the home and being closer to family, medical facilities, and shopping centers.
Downsizing market:
According to WHO (World Health Organization), by 2030, every one of six people in the planet will be 60 or older. It began in high-income countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Only in 2019, more than 2 million homes in North America downsized. In the United States, over a thousand companies are involved in this field.
The Canadian “NON-MEDICAL SENIOR SERVICES” industry is booming!
The AARP reports that the number of seniors requiring additional care because of chronic illness will increase from about 14% of the senior population in 2010 to 21% by 2050. All of this is to say that there will be a ton of opportunity for digital disruption in senior care, which means anyone who wants to capture a share of this market needs to understand the digital healthcare ecosystem, as well as healthcare regulations.

KIV ( is a Canadian, ‘first-in’ market opportunity in an industry that is absolutely exploding! With 2.000.000 home downsizing in North America in 2019, there is no better time to get into the Senior Independence-Living business. With access to “KIV APP”’ at, we drive our success through professional, ‘peace of mind senior care’, taking care of the seniors and their family every step of the way.
To get an opportunity in “Senior’s Independence-Living Technology”, you need a computer, a cellphone and a passion to help seniors:
No Royalty
Includes certified training
Business setting mentoring
Access to the marketing materials
No overhead
Potential for six figure income
Locations coast to coast
Free access to KIV app

Seniors who wish to sell their home and purchase a condo or relocate to a retirement home.
55+ couples who are planning to retire should begin by selling their home.
Couples are going through a divorce, and their realtor requires a tool to assist them in managing of their property and belongings.
The app is a digital platform that enables realtors to involve family members throughout the selling process
The following are some of the features:
Digital Home Decluttering
Digital Yard Sale
Downsizing Estimator
Project Planer
Home Safety Checklists

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