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When you start the home downsizing or home modification project, it is important to go through all steps one by one to prevent any extra cost or stress. KIV app provide. A well-organized timeline for each project.

Home decluttering and modification can be of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences for a homeowner or anyone with spare time on their hands. Although you could always pay a professional to install a new lighting fixture or paint a room.

A home modification is any alteration made to a home to meet the needs of people who have different physical abilities. Examples of home modifications include removing throw rugs to prevent slips and falls or installing grab bars in the bathroom for stability.

In the United States, the total home improvement market generated sales of over 450 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and is projected to increase to 510 billion dollars by 2024(

The KIV app helps you to manage all important steps of your project. It gives you the headlines and help you to organize them according to your project timeline.

As you can share your projects with service providers, contractors, and families, it will help all the team members to find about their jobs, timing, and expected duration.

This free feature provided by the KIV app, allows the inexpert people to easily manage their projects.