Senior friendly app

Statistics indicate that seniors use the internet and digital devices at a higher rate than expected. In 2019, more than 73% of seniors aged 65 and up had internet access.

In 2019, 59% of US baby boomers have purchased something online.

The KIV app development team agrees that the app should be absolutely user-friendly for seniors.

KIV is not an average app. KIV was created in a PWA format (progressive web app).

Progressive web apps, are a switch between regular web pages and mobile applications. The term “progressive” refers to the fact that they add new functionality and, from the standpoint of user interface, are initially seen as regular websites but gradually function more like mobile apps, among other things multiplatform.

The main features are:

Offline — The goal is eliminating the typical error message in the event of a bad or no connection.

Progressive — KIV functions with any user, regardless of browser, and it is designed from the ground up with progressive improvement principles.

Sensitive — The KIV app adapts to different screen formats, such as laptop, smartphone, notebook, or dimensions that could become possible in the future.

App-like — In terms of interaction and navigation, they behave with the user as if they were native apps.

Updated — Information is still up to date due to the data update process.

Safe — Exposed over HTTPS protocol to prevent the link from showing information or modifying the contents.

Searchable — PWAs are known as “applications” and are indexed by search engines.

Reactivable — Make it easy to reactivate the programmer by using features such as web notifications.

Installable — KIV encourages you to “save” the icon on the screen of your mobile terminal (home screen) without needing to go through any of the steps and problems associated with using the app store.

Linkable — Easily exchanged via URL without the need for complex installations.

Eighty percent of older people today live in their own homes – with one-third of the 65+ and 46% of those 75+ living alone.

Do not forget about our online consultation. You will be able to consult with our senior home safety specialist to find how to use the app. It is totally free service.